Roadmap to Re-Opening

Based on the latest Victorian Government announcements for COVID Stage 4 Metropolitan Melbourne, we are still temporarily closed until conditions ease.

While our workshop is temporarily closed, we continue to be available via Phone, Email, and Video Calls for any support we can offer.

We are permitted to perform essential and critical repairs, and if “urgent vehicle repairs are being undertaken, other maintenance and servicing can also be completed at this time to keep the vehicle roadworthy”.

The pandemic has made us come together to rally our greatest strength, the human spirit. Through all of this, we are re-emphasising what is most important – our clients, our team members and our communities – next update 28 September.

Safety checks you can do from home:

  • Check engine oil and coolant levels
  • Check tyre pressures – we recommend between 32 and 35 psi
  • If your vehicle is not being used, we recommend you drive your vehicle once every four weeks
  • Use a battery charger to keep the battery charged up.

Please call us if you need any assistance with this.