The Importance of Service Intervals

People Have Often Asked Me…. Why Is It Necessary To Have My Car Serviced So Often?

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend regular service intervals of between 10,000 and 20,000 kms or 12 months for vehicles in normal use. However, under more difficult driving conditions and use, more frequent servicing is required.

Normal use is defined as a mix of short and long distance driving on good roads with an annual mileage of approximately 15,000 kms. The reality nowadays is that almost 80% of vehicles are used mostly for short distance trips – consequently engines are not run long or hot enough for the oil to manage and “burn off” fuel dilution from cold starts and contaminants from combustion. This greatly reduces the life and lubricating quality of the oil, causing oil sludging, reduced performance and premature engine wear!

Using top quality lubricants – reduces the effects of these problems and greatly increases the life of your engine.
Regular servicing also improves fuel economy, increases engine performance and keeps your car in a safe and reliable condition.

We at Jag & British Prestige Service generally recommend a more frequent servicing schedule depending on the vehicles age and driving conditions. We recommend engine and filter change every 5,000 to 7,000 kms and often suggest a Major service annually and Minor/oil service every 6 months in between. This allows us to ensure regular engine oil changes for your vehicle and also manage and advise other oils, fluids, tyres, brakes, suspension issues earlier, before they potentially become a costly and inconvenient issue.

We proudly use and recommend premium Penrite oils, coolants, brake fluid and additives and provide comprehensive vehicle care to ensure affordable, reliable and enjoyable motoring.

– Herb