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Log book services

At Jag & British Prestige, we source genuine, quality aftermarket parts at competitive rates for your logbook servicing. You can rest assured that your car is in the hands of experts, dedicated to delivering the best service for your vehicle possible.

At Jag & British Prestige, we offer:
  • Manufacturer Log Book Servicing
  • Testing & Diagnostic Repairs
  • Tyre replacement, wheel alignment and balancing
  • Pre-purchase inspections & appraisals
  • Genuine & quality aftermarket parts and car service at competitive prices


New oil is not the only thing in a service

Servicing your car is important for preventative maintenance. Changing the oil and filter is only the beginning of maintaining your vehicle. We perform a comprehensive safety inspection of all major components of your vehicle and keep up to date with the latest automotive news to keep our customers aware of vehicle recalls and useful advice.

Our service regime generally exceeds manufacturers service requirements and therefore in no way affects your new vehicle warranty.

Lube Service includes:

• Perform initial road test and report
• Use Wurth Engine Flush, drain oil and change oil filter, refill with Penrite OEM spec motor oil
• Check all drive belts, under bonnet fluids and top up with Penrite fluids as necessary
• Fill washer bottle with Penrite additive and adjust jets
• Replace wiper blades
• Use Wurth fuel conditioner and injector cleaner in fuel tank
• Perform full safety check including brakes, suspension, tyres, fuel system, etc
• Check and correct tyre pressures including spare
• Perform Coolant and Brake fluid condition tests
• Perform battery load test, clean and spray terminals as required.
• Perform final road test and check over


Maintain that smooth engine idle and fuel efficiency.

Our tune service (detailed below) checks and renews parts that greatly affect fuel efficiency, smooth idle and overall engine performance – saving you money at the fuel pump and extending the life of other engine components.

Tune Service includes:

• Engine tune – either electronic computer tune or 4 gas analyser scope tune
• Replace Fuel filter as required
• Replace Air filter
• Replace Spark plugs
• Perform Carbie/Throttlebody clean
• Perform Airmass meter clean
• Perform Road test

We guarantee our work

As vehicles vary greatly in condition and requirements, we only perform the above tasks as appropriate to your vehicle and always in consultation with you our customer, and all our work is backed and guaranteed.

Many modern vehicles use long life spark plugs and have cabin/pollen filters fitted – replacement intervals vary and these are replaced as per manufacturers logbook schedules.

  • We handle all makes and models and specialise in more than 40 car brands
  • We are endorsed by the local trading standards office
  • All our mechanics and technicians are equipped with the latest portable technology
  • All our work has a minimum 12-month guarantee all services